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Bob Bryar Slash

Cause there just isn't enough slashy Bob love.

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This is a community dedicated to slash feautring Bob Bryar of My Chemical Romance as one of the main characters because- let's face it- there just isn't enough slashy Bob love. So, join and spread it. :)

The rules are the same ones you see in every other fanfiction community; always utilize lj cuts when posting fics, no wank, etc. If it's off-topic, then say it in a community where it isn't. Simple, right?


If you're interested in becoming affiliates, feel free to drop me a line (or just comment in my personal journal and I'll see it). :)
E-mail: shadowpoet89@yahoo.com

E-mail: xdemolitionxlovex@gmail.com

We are in no way affiliated with My Chemical Romance or any of its members, management, family, etc. No slander is meant, the fiction posted in this community is just that: fiction.

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title or description

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Don't try and deny it; you love Bob. =^_^=

Awesome layout made by kill_the_death. :)


andwegocold For all your Bob/Frank slashy needs. :)
bert_and_gerard a pretty swanky Bert/Gerard slash